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Reporter's Official Transcript of Summary Adjudication/Summary Judgment Motions

begin p. 12

1 THE COURT: The extrapolation argument I think

2 is a bit tenuous.

3 (Court confers with law clerk.)

4 MS. LUYMES: May I add one other thing, your

5 Honor?


7 MS. LUYMES: Thinking back to what the

8 plaintiff has identified at the outset of his argument,

9 about the color of the car and what the color of the car

10 was, it has no bearing whatsoever on the glasses. In

11 fact, the report says what it says. He wants to see the

12 glasses, but it has nothing to do with anything that has

13 to do with any wrongdoing by the Office of the

14 Independent Counsel with regard to the performance --

15 you know, and I'm using the Court's analysis of the

16 public interest here -- how the Office of the

17 Independent Counsel performed its duties.

18 In the defendant's reply in support of its

19 motion for summary judgment, in footnote 7 we bring to

20 the Court's attention that in Schiffer v. FBI, a Ninth

21 Circuit case, which this Court has cited in your

22 preliminary ruling in other places, the Ninth Circuit

23 indicates that in that case, Schiffer's arguments failed

24 because there's no evidence suggesting that the FBI

25 engaged in wrongdoing; the FBI being the agency involved

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