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Reporter's Official Transcript of Summary Adjudication/Summary Judgment Motions

begin p. 13

1 in that case. It's beyond understanding how the glasses

2 located next to Mr. Foster's body could shed any light

3 on how -- whether it's Mr. Foster, or whether the Office

4 of Independent Counsel performed its job.

5 THE COURT: I really don't think whether

6 Mr. Foster performed his job is the issue.

7 MS. LUYMES: May I add one --


9 MS. LUYMES: I'm sorry. Were you in mid breath

10 there, your Honor?

11 THE COURT: No, go ahead.

12 MS. LUYMES: Okay. You had asked with regard

13 to taking something up to the Ninth Circuit. Let me

14 just indicate that there was a case that I was involved

15 in called Spurlock v. FBI, which has been cited, and in

16 that case, which arose out of this district, once Judge

17 Real had found that the documents fell within the

18 exemptions, he ordered the FBI to do something else, and

19 the Ninth Circuit said "No, you have no jurisdictions to

20 do that." So the Court's instincts in this regard, in

21 my view, in defendant's view, are absolutely correct.

22 I actually think that there is a reported case,

23 I can visualize, you know, a discussion on the

24 right-hand side of the page, but I could -- if you

25 needed the citation, I would be happy to look it up and

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