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Reporter's Official Transcript of Summary Adjudication/Summary Judgment Motions

begin p. 14

1 provide it to the Court, where in fact a district court

2 judge did analyze this very idea of whether it would be

3 possible to make photos available to a requester just

4 for that requester to look at, and the courts -- either

5 that court or the reviewing court said "No, you can't do

6 that." So the Court has come out in the right way, in

7 my view, with regard to that.

8 With regard to the color copies, I know it's

9 going to be difficult for the OIC to do this, just

10 because of the facilities and the pressures they're

11 working under. I have been actually to the OIC on two

12 occasions --

13 THE COURT: They have reasonable time. They

14 can go ahead with their investigation.

15 Now there's an investigation; okay?

16 MS. LUYMES: As long as we have some period of

17 time to get this undertaken, my understanding is that

18 the paralegal who did the photocopying, to produce the

19 documents in the Vaughn index that the Court has before

20 it, spent hours doing that. She is no longer there.

21 She is with the Brookings Institution now, so it's going

22 to take some time, but --

23 THE COURT: Some little time.

24 I was just saying from the OIC to the Brookings

25 Institution, that's quite an axis, I'll tell you.

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