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Allan Favish is a Los Angeles-based attorney whose focus is on General Insurance Defense and Litigation Insurance Coverage/Reinsurance & Bad Faith Litigation.  A UCLA graduate, he received his J.D. at Hastings College of Law in 1981.

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Reporter's Official Transcript of Summary Adjudication/Summary Judgment Motions

begin p. 4

1 MR. FAVISH: -- in the paragraph right under

2 that headnote section 3, you cite the Fiske report, you

3 cite Starr's report, and you talk about this matter

4 already being the subject of exhaustive investigations.

5 And as I point out in my papers, those investigations

6 are just totally untrustworthy.

7 I mean here you have a report that says that

8 Mr. Foster drove himself to the park in his grey car,

9 parked it in the parking lot, walked into the woods and

10 killed himself. The best evidence we have is that he

11 was certainly dead by 4:30 that afternoon. It was a

12 Tuesday afternoon. There are at least four known

13 witnesses who were in that parking lot between 4:30 and

14 just before 6:00 p.m., at a time when Mr. Foster was

15 dead, according to the best evidence we have. None of

16 them saw a grey car in that parking lot; they saw a

17 brown car. End of issue, as far as I'm concerned, with

18 regard to the trustworthiness of these records.

19 Mr. Starr tells us that the first of these

20 witnesses reported seeing a brown car. As to the next

21 three witnesses, Mr. Starr doesn't tell us what color

22 car they reported seeing. But we have those documents,

23 the underlying FBI, park police, so that's my problem,

24 your Honor. I'm just dealing with the facts and the

25 law, and that's all I want to guide this determination.

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