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Reporter's Official Transcript of Summary Adjudication/Summary Judgment Motions

begin p. 6

1 may be some -- the privacy interests may become somewhat

2 heightened; for instance, a corpse, and all of the

3 gruesome nature of things. So the kin of Mr. Foster

4 most assuredly have a privacy interest, and a very

5 significant one.

6 Now, contrariwise, most assuredly there is a

7 public interest. And the public interest is not, as I

8 think I basically put in here, as simplistic as I think

9 the government identified in its filing. Instead, the

10 public interest --

11 My recollection is they talked in terms of the

12 manner in which Mr. Foster undertook his duties. Well,

13 maybe I misunderstand their position, but that's what I

14 understood it to be, as set forth in page 6 of the

15 preliminary ruling. Instead, the public interest is in

16 the circumstances, as I said, surrounding Foster's death

17 and the attendant OIC investigation.

18 Now, when I look at the OIC investigation, this

19 OIC investigation, and the investigation that took place

20 prior to their entry onto the scene, and the

21 investigation undertaken by enumerable of the media, is

22 all or was all directed at finding something awry.

23 Something wrong. And that, I think, to a degree,

24 informs the Court.

25 In other words, this isn't something where the

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